Timing Just Right

Being to class on time builds strong habits for later in life. Time is everything. Everything is based on time. Especially peoples schedules. That is why being on time is most important.

At Gresham High School being on time is reinforced every day, every period. If a student is late they are given detention.

“One of my students gets lunch detention every day, or it seems every day,” science teacher Carol Quarles says.

The schools strict rules on being on time help encourage students to get to class before they are considered late.

“By coming to class on time, I have developed a skill of responsibility and organization. It helped me get my priorities straight and I now clearly see the importance and the good fruits that are produced when following a simple schedule by getting to class,” Joanna Mansour first year high schooler states.

Being on time develops good habits and good habits stay with someone their whole life. In return, the school is trying to develop good habits that will stick with their students their whole lives.

“I value being on time for many reasons. I strongly feel you have to take responsibility for your actions,” Mansour says.

According to Mansour, the results of being on time are good grades, a good teacher-student relationship and good habits. Being on time goes farther in life later on by going to work, activities, appointments.

All in all, being on time works for everyone. That is a value that every new freshman should take grasp of.


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