Student Athletes

Playing sports is always a good way to get involved in school. A student athlete is a full time student and a full time athlete. It is a way to show appreciation towards the school.

In life today, education is essential. It is a key substance to finding a job or a career path. Athletics help shape mental toughness and physical toughness. Mental toughness is doing whatever is necessary to get the job done including handling the demands of a tough workout or withstanding pain. Being positive is a discipline. A person has to develop it into their everyday life.

Sports can help with the progression of life with a fully developed attitude.

“Mental toughness has helped mold me into a better athlete by sticking with it and doing all the work the coach says,” a student athlete Justice Brown said.

Mental toughness is a must need and it will keep athletes stick to their work and obeying their coach.

Discipline helps with growth as a player. According to Brown, Discipline makes you want to shoot for greatness.

Discipline helps create a better attitude. Sports help attitudes.

“Sports help someone to learn to control attitude and keep it maintained,” Brown says.

What does someone get out of sports? According to Brown, the satisfaction of destroying my opponent.


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